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Deoproce is the eco-friendly, high-quality cosmetic brand. Its natural extracts keep your skin healthy & revitalize rough fatigue skin due to polluted environment. Our motto is Giving beautiful dream for clean & clear skin to every woman by developing & offering of eco-friendly cosmetic. Feel the difference.

1. Aroma dual cleansing
Extracts from green-tea clearly remove dead skin cells & makeup remains coming due to environmental pollution. Aroma Dual Cleansing System removes both water-soluble and oil-soluble makeup wastes at the same time. It removes wastes in the skin pores as well as skin surface.

2. Vitalize your skin
Pleasant fragrance from DEOPROCE Nature makes you feel comfortable as you walk in the forest, makes your skin peaceful. Vitalization coming from clean plants spreads on your skin to purify and protect your skin from various environmental pollutions. It brings elasticity, moisturizing your skin as soft as silk.

3. Feel Aroma therapy effect
From green tea fragrance when washing your face, clean hub extracts makes you get aroma therapy effect to get rid of daily stress. Vegetable ingredients in high purity from a variety of flowers, fruits and leaves, are kept in concentration to relieve your skin troubles.

4. Feel the Effect of Green tea
Green tea has catechin (water-soluble ingredient) , and its leaves have abundant vitamin C, vitamin E and catechin (sulfate ingredient) to prevent peroxide of geologic features. These ingredients protect your body against adult diseases such as ageing, sclerosis of the arteries, cancer and diabetes.

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Essence moisture skin care 3set
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2. Green-Tea Essence Moisture Lotion
3. Green-Tea Essence Moisture Cream

Green tea cleansing cream

Clean & White green tea foam cleansing

Soft essence two-way cake

Vitamin UV white Gold essence

Vitamin UV white foundation
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