Sell Economic concrete batch plant HZS60 80 100 150

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The equipment which could mix every kinds of concrete is a big-size concrete mixing equipment of material storage, measurement and mixing with the production capacity of 50/75m3/h with JS1000/1500 double horizontal forced mixer whose discharge height of 3.8m.
Three to four kinds of aggregates could be stored with batching by bulk tanker. According to clients, 3 sets of cement silos and 1 sets of fly ash silo and 1 powdered additive silo will be provided. Three different aggregates will be conveyed by respective screw conveyor. Water and liquid additive shall be pumped into measurement bin by water pump. Controlled by computer, measured by electrical weighing scale which has the functions of screen displaying, batching formula saving, drop automatically correcting, sandrock water content correcting, etc. It also provides manual operation to control mixing procedure by manually and automatically. It provides printing system and monitor system.

Q Series Standard collocation and parameter

model HZS60Q HZS80Q HZS100Q HZS150Q
productivity(m3/h) 60 80 100 150
mixer model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Power of agitator(kW) 2W18.5 2W30 2W37 2W55
discharge(m3) 1 1.5 2 3
aggregate(mm) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble) 60/80(gravel/pebble)
batch bin capacity(m3) 12 12 20 20
number 3 3 4 4
Belt conveying capacity (t/h) 300 450 600 800
weighing accuracy Aggregate(kg) 250012% 300012% 4X(200012%) 4X(300012%)
Cement(kg) 50011% 80011% 100011% 150011%
Flyash(kg) 15011% 20011% 40011% 60011%
Water(kg) 20011% 30011% 40011% 60011%
additive(kg) 2011% 3011% 4011% 6011%
console cabinet 7.2m2
air conditioner 7.2m2
air conditioner 7.2m2
air conditioner 9.6m2
air conditioner
computer control batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD batch control+IPC+Printer+LCD
total power(kW) 80 105 137 192
discharge height(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Terms of Payment
T/T of L/C