Sell Eddy Current Coating Thickness Gauge

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The ED300 eddy current thickness gauge of TianXing is capable of testing the isolative coating on non-ferrous metals. It is mainly used to test the anode oxidation coating on aluminum alloys. This thickness conforms to China National Standard GB/T 4957.
Range: 0~1505m
Accuracy: +3% or -3%;
Resolution: 0.15m;
Power: 0.06W;
Dimensions: 150mm x 80mm x 30mm;
Weight: 280g
Calibration Film  Certificate of Verification from Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Metrology
Probe - Shock and water resistant features for severe environment
Probe Cable  Robotics cable with enhanced life
Excellent Repeatability
Application: thickness of paint coating and anodic oxide film of aluminum profile, aluminum-plastic sheet and aluminum workpiece
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Warranty Coverage
1 Year