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Edible Bracken grows in the plateaus over 25oo meters. Thanks to the location we have, the bracken has superior quality , fresh green colour, abundance of vitamin, bracken also has anti-cancer function, that is why it enjoys the good name of green healthy foodstuffs. The harvest season of bracken is from may to july every year. The output of our company is more than 100tons annually.
Bracken contains fiber edible wild herbs food, each 100 garms bracken leaf include protein.1.6 grams , carbohydrate 10 grams , calcium 24 milligrams , phosphorus 29 milligrams , iron 6. 7 milligrams, vitamin 35 milligrams , carrotene 1.68 milligrams, the bracken are rich in ergot steroid alcohol , choline , glucoside. Chinese medicine thinks , the bracken is good for the spleen, eliminate the phlegm wetly, it is weight-reducing games dishes.
Modern research shows the cellulose in the bracken can promote the intestine.
[Origin]: China
[Composition]: Pls See the Detail.
[Pack]: 500g/bag, 40 pieces in a unit, and total 20kg(net weight) or package according to customers need.
Brand Name
Top Grade
Supply Capacity
100 tonns per year
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Grade AA
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