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Edible Lactose 200 mesh

Product description
Edible lactose is a milk sugar produced from rennet casein. It is a reducing sugar with a sweetness level four times lower than that of saccharine. Edible lactose is used in the bakery, sweets, dairy, meat and edible concentrates industries.
Physical properties
Flavour and smell
Contamination according to ADMI
Energy value in 100 g white
slightly sweet, clean, with no foreign odours
1691 kJ 398 kcal
Chemical properties
Water, %
Protein, %
Ash, %
Lactose, %
Fat, % 6,0 - 7,0
max. 0,5
max. 0,3
max. 0,3
min. 99,4
Microbiological properties
Total plant count in 1 g
Mould and yeast
Salmonella in 25 g
Staphylococcus aureus in 1 g max. 1000
not present
max. 100
not present
not present
Packaging: Multi-layer 25 kg paper bags with a polyethylene lining. 500-1,000 kg Big Bags
Storage The product should be stored in a temperature of <200C and humidity of <75%.