Sell Efficiently anion health care instrument

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Efficiently anion health care instrument, used for adjust health care , can also used for living environment decontamination.
This machine adopt the principle of not- even electric field many silk shoot , the machine don't establish a cathode in side, assurance the pure and health of the anion. The big area of shoot needles line produce a sum of anion; protecting anti-electrostatic inside and outside , not only can used for adjusting health care, but also can used for living quarters decontamination.
Function constitution:
Micro-computer double buttons control high density anion controls:One button controls small leaf, the production of anion is 400-7,000,000/cm 3; another controls big leaf:The prodution of anion is 700-10,000,000/cm 3;
Four buttons control in fixed time :1, health care button:45 minute, 2, decontamination button:Respectively is:60 minutes, 120 minutes, uncertain hour.
six greatest characteristics:
1) unique high density anion, low ozone is currently the only decontamination product with high density anion assist with the decontamination filter net on the market ; Anion grain' s path is small, easy to absorb by the human body, the effect of living creature health care is better.
2) doubles decontamination design, assur naturely clean the air.
3) mutely design, keep usage environment silent.
4) humanization design, micro-computer double buttons anion enactment, fouth buttons for fixing time, LCD manifestation, touch key, blue night light give out the light.
5) doubles health care adjust function gathers at one machine, health half effort and double results.
6) beautiful feature, convenient and elegant, is applicable to variety crowd and place , particularly in keeping with office building, child's den, new repair building, bedroom, resthome, indoor amusement place etc.
Technique parameter:
1, power supply:220 V, frequency:50 HZ, power:<=20 W.
2, anion density:
Be 30 cm away from draught
Upscale(health care file) :700-10,000,000/cm3;
Low file(decontamination file) :400-7,000,000/cm3.
3, ozone content:Small in the 0.10 mg/m3, match the ozone content standard in the atmosphere of request ruled in the World Health Organization. (0.107-0.214 mg/m3)
4, list pole coefficient:<=0.001.
5, usage condition:The normal temperature and normal pressure, the best degree of humidity:50%-80%.
6, product size:350*345*130
7, usage area:below 40m2.