Sell Egg Plate Machine/ Egg Tray Machine/Paper Plate Machine

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I. High Density Hydropulper
This machine is designed according to hydro-cyclone principle. The rotor adopts double head screw structure. When the rotor is working, high-density pulp circulates radially to accelerate the waste paper hydrating and dissolving speed.
II. Automatic Rotor Drum Type Molder Machine
1. Large output: 2000-3000pcs/hr
2. Energy saving: the fan housing on the top of the molder machine makes the best of the vent gas of drying line. Afterheat from vent gas reduces products moisture ratio by 15-30%.
3. High finished products ratio: during the molding process, the products have been preheated; moisture ratio is lower than common molder machines.
4. High automatization: there are only 4 or 5 workers every shift.
III. Drying Line
This line consists of heating system, hot-air circulating system, conveying system, drying system, oil supplying system and controlling system, etc.

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