Sell Egg carving handcraft artworks---ostrich egg(JingTaiLan)

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The sorts of the egg carving artworks are various, and their pictures are different, from face pictures of Beijing opera, animals, and flowers to some famous figures through different carving methods. Every artwork is like to be a real painting on the paper. The people who have seen the great artworks will be amazed in the great happiness. Every artwork was made by our skilled artist in the countryside of China and had concentrated the intelligence and hard-working on the artworks. The egg carvings artwork also combined with unique Chinese cultures closely as calligraphy . when you cooperate with us, . It has become not only a business but also a culture communication with a ancient and modern China. We appreciate your graceful gesture to enjoy our artworks and touch feel deeply Chinese culture. We welcome customers from all over the world!
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original colors
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16 x 13 cm