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The distinguishing features of textile creations start with the selection of the right raw materials and the careful processing of them into high-grade cotton.
That's why all products made up of Egyptian Yarn Through the years got it own reputation.
Amedrican yarn has an extensive selection of natural yarn and fibers that comes out of our own lands, spins & workshops.
Amedrican produces and manufacture Egyptian cotton yarn of all numbers and types , 100 % Egyptian cotton raw white yarn, knitting, weaving and sewing thread, all Ne. single and twist.
1-100% Egyptian cotton OE virgin
2-100% Egyptian cotton ring spun raw white yarn ( combed & carded)
3-Sewing threads all types.
All yarn coming out of the spinning units, should be 100% quality controlled and inspected in both the earlier stages of production and after the production.
All yarn Ne. samples are available for a small charge per card.

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