Sell Egyptian cotton, Yarn, Terry towels, raw cotton

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We would like to introduce our company as an Egyptian trading company involved in exporting Egyptian products such as:
 Yarns 100% Egyptian cotton or P/C yarns up to NE 120. The buyer would need to inform us of the yarn count or counts they would be interested in and we will be happy to send those quotations and the respective samples.
 Terry towels: made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The buyer would need to give us an idea about the type of towels needed, like face of beach towels, as well as other technical requirements like yarn count, weight, size, color, etc. respective quotations and samples will be sent accordingly.
 100% Egyptian cotton sheeting, which technical requirement could be informed as above for proper samples to be sent.
 Men under wears made of 100% Egyptian cotton.
 Raw cotton: We can supply Egyptian raw cotton, cotton of other growths. The buyer will need to identify the required fiber properties, and also the required English yarn count to be produced  and we can offer the most suitable quality price wise.

Our mother company in Egypt will be glad to send the required quotations and samples through our company, upon the receipt of the specifications required  as the exact samples will help much better to test and analyze in order the quality.