Sell ElastoMed™  plaster adhesive elastic sport tape

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#High twist, cotton elastic cloth;
#Zinc oxide and latex free based adhesive mixture;
#Available in width of 2',3',4', length can be made as per request;
#Color available: skin, white;

#Zinc oxide and latex free based adhesive material, maximum minimized irritation to skin;
#Provide strong adhesion with minimal residue;
#High twist cotton, provides strength for dynamic strapping;
#Soft, cotton cloth conforms readily to joint contours, like elbow, knee and shoulders;
#Porous construction, permitting skin to breathe and moisture to pass through;
#Yellow/red center line on backcloth acts as overlap guide for uniform application and pressure;
#Dry feathered edge to provide neat, comfortable application with adhesive bleed;

Use it for:
Provide high level of support to joints and compression to lower limbs.
Support strapping, fractures, muscle injuries, elbows, keens, and shoulders;
Ideal bandage for application over other dressings, as in the treatment of varicose ulcers;
Dynamic/pressure dressings, requiring elasticity.