Sell Elcometer 345 coating thickness gauge

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With a range of probes in both integral or separate probe versions for coating thickness measurements on Ferrous(F) , Non Ferrous(NF) or both Ferrous and Non Ferrous(FNF) . Substrates, the Elcometer 345 will have a gauge for your requirement.
The gauge is easy to use and has been designed with the operator in mind. User definable simple statistics allow the user to view average, standard deviation, number of readings, maximum and minimum thickness readings. These statistics can be printed out.
Keylock feature to avoid accidental recalibration
Switchable between microns or mm and mils
Bigfoot for stability on integral models
Ideal for flat, curved and lasted surfaces
Fast reading rate
Two point calibration
F1, F2 and F12 degree


(F1)0~1500 5m
(F12 setting F1 operating)
13% or 2.55m
11% or 2.55m
Under 100 5m, 0.15m
Over 100 5m, 0.15m~150005m

(F2)0~5.00 5m
(F12 setting F2 operating)
13% or 20 5m
11% or 20 5m
Under 1000 5m, 0.15m
Over 1000 5m, 10 5m~5 5m

(F1)0~60 mil
13% or 1 mil
11% or 0.1 mil
Under 5 mil, 0.01 mil
Over 5 mil, 0.1 mil~60 mil

(F12)0.5~200 mil
13% or 1 mil
11% or 1 mil
Under 50 mil, 0.1 mil
Over 50 mil, 1 mil