Sell Electric Control System for Medical Vacuum/Suction

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Electric vacuum control panel is mainly used with medical vacuum unit. It maintains automatic switch between two or three vacuum pumps to make them work alternatively.

The working system turns on a pump according to the signal it receives from an electric pressure gauge. If one pump cant get the expected pressure within a period of time (i. e. 3 minutes) after it starts working, the electric vacuum control system automatically turns on another pump. The system can thus raise the pipe pressure to the expected level within the shortest time. The system gets a signal from the electric pressure gauge when the expected pressure is achieved and automatically turns off the working pump(s) . When the pipe pressure falls under the expected level, the system gets another signal from the electric pressure gauge and one of the vacuum pumps is automatically turned on and begans working.

Detailed Information
Designers of the cabinet also have several years of manufacturing and operating experience, which enbales them to take into consideration the possible problems that might occur in use.
The system consists of high quality parts, such as Simens relay and indicator imported from Japan, which ensure the stability, safety and reliability of the working system.
Voltage: 220v (AC)
The usual type switches between two pumps but the number of pumps can also be raised to three or more according to customers order.
The system can also be applied in medical air-compressing system and can maintain control of several air compressors.
The system can work either automatically or be operated manually.
The zinc-plated surface looks beautiful. Size: 400mm*600mm*50mm (W﹡ H﹡ T)
It can be stalled onto the wall with door and lock.