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DD701 single phase induction kWh meter adopt international and state skilled technique, optimize structure design, with high reliability, good stability, lower power loss, high overload and long-life features, used for measure frequency 50Hz/60Hz single phase AC active energy.
Main feature:Class 2.0, overload 6 times, designed life 20 years power loss less than 1 W;
Damp alnico adopts high reliable AlNiCo37, 4 poles , new demagnetization techniques;
Adopting float bearing, rotational components non-contact, magnet is made of AlNiCo 8 under high-pressure, superior and lower guide pin beset with graphite bearing with lubricate-self and lower friction;
Adopting new-designed register with lower friction torque. Worm pole and worm wheel meshing examine instrument ensure meshing consistency;
Small modulus worm pole and axes adopt unitized structure, which reduces friction power between them;
Parts combination adopts rivet connection. Bolt connection adopts spring gasket and double bolt fastness ensure long time operation reliability.