Sell Electric Flashlight/Torch  ET03-1

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1. Electric Torch Operating modes:
1.1 Tail switch: press it gently, and it clicks to flash; keep pressing the tail switch for 1.5s (click cant be heard) , and it shifts to the next lighting mode, till all modes (strobe middle low max SOS mode) are performed; press the switch again, it clicks to shut off the flashlight, and the circuit mode resets.
1.2 Strobe: The reason to put the strobe mode in the first position is that it takes no more than 1s to switch off and then on the flashlight in any circumstance. In the event that the strobe mode was put in some other position, the operator would waste the precious time to seek the mode, or even seek the wrong mode.
1.3 Middle lighting: This is the most frequently used mode, providing 110 Lumens, which is suitable for reading, walking, venturing and some other situations for a long duration (approximate 3-5 hours) .
1.4 Low-Lumens lighting: When the power supply is insufficient and cant be supplemented, this lighting mode may be adopted. In the normal cases, it provides 25 Lumens for a duration of 25 hours or so.
1.5 Max-Lumens lighting: 180 or more Lumens lighting provides support for your operation in some special environments.
1.6 SOS lighting: International SOS signal is sent out in the event of any emergency event.
1.7 All operating modes are provided with resilience (in 5s) . All parameters are the results of test with standard AA battery.
2. Electric Torch Power supply:
One cost-effective AA battery, voltage input: 0.9V~4.2V (3.7V lithium battery may be used, but in this case, max-Lumens mode is not recommended) .
3. Dimension and weight:
3.1496mm (L)24mm (D) (approximate 0.043 square meters) , and 50g without battery
Spotless Equipment
1. Other parts
1.1 Glass: 1.5mm optical-coating glass, providing light transmittance of 95%
1.2 O-ring: High flexibility and resistance to acids and alkalis
1.3 Circuit: Quality PCB, classic line design, and first-class electronic components, ensuring constant current during flashlight operation without flash
1.4 Accessories: Fine chrome-plated lock, hand line, and flashlight cover
Perfect Services
1.1 30d change warranty: For any Magicwand flashlight product, we offer the unconditional change service to the customers in the event of any quality problem of the product in 30 days as of the date of shipment. If the product that a customer requires to change is out of production, we promise to provide a more up-to-the-date model or any other model or product the customer specifies. If this doesnt satisfy you yet, we can negotiate return of payment.
1.2 Free service period: In the event of any product failure in twelve months, we will provide free change (except for LED) once, as well as free repair in any other circumstance.
1.3 Lifetime maintenance: Twelve months after any Magicwand flashlight product is shipped, we promise to charge for the cost of spare parts only, and it is up to the users whether or not to repair the high-cost spare parts.