Sell Electric Hoe & Scarifier

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Some parts of the electric hoe have been dismantled for transport purpose. The screws, handwheels, cable clips and cable hook are to be found in plastic bags. Assembly is simple if you follow these instructions.

l Make sure all fasteners(screws, nuts, ect. ) are always fully tightened so that you can work safety with the hoe.
l Replace any worn or damaged parts.
Regular care of your hoe will not only increase its service life but will also facilitate the meticulous and easy working of your hoe. Clean the hoe with brushes or cloths. Do not use any solvents or water to remove dirt. Always switch off the motor and pull out the power plug before carring out any maintenance and cleaning work. The part most susceptible to wear and tear in the machine is the blades. Check the condition of the blades and its fastener at regular intervals. If the blades are worn, it must be replaced or sharpened. If the hoe vibrates excessively, this means that the blades is either not balanced correctly or has been bent out of shape by knocks, in which case it must be repaired or replaced.
Store your Electric Hoe in a dry place away from frost and out of the reach of children.

Electric hoe Power supply: 230V/50 to 60Hz Motor power: 700W Working width: 370mm Working height: 180mm Deck: plastic Idle speed: 230rpm Maximum noise: 93dB ; Colored box; Colored box dimensions: 730 x 385 x 255mm Net weight: 7.2kg Gross weight: 8.5kg
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
730 x 385 x 255mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
230v, 50/60 hz