Sell Electric Motor (AEEF Series)

Electric Motor (AEEF Series)
Model: AEEF Series
Phase: Three


AEEF series motor is three-phase, totally enclosed and fan-cooled electric motor with squirrel cage, IP54 insulation, Class B (other voltages and cycles or insulation class F are available on request. )

Technical Data

Pole: 2
Model Power
AEEF801-2 1.0HP
AEEF802-2 1.5HP
AEEF90S-2 2.0HP
AEEF90L-2 3.0HP
. . .
. . .
. . .

Pole: 4
Model Power
AEEF801-4 0.75HP
AEEF802-4 1.0HP
AEEF90S-4 1.5HP
AEEF90L-4 2.0HP