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1. Pocelain Tension Insulator This is pocelain tension insulator according to ANSI.
2. Pocelain Pin Insulator This is a pocelain pin type insulator.
4. Lightning Arrester [ We provide various kinds of lightning arresters. If you are interested in them, please contact us
5. Distribution Line Fitting We provide various kinds of distribution line fittings. IfWe provide various kinds of distribution line fittings. If
6. Polymer Insulator We provide various kinds of polymer insulators.
7. Insulator We provide various kinds of insulators
9. Moulded Case Circuit Breaker These MCCB is applicable to the circuit of AC 50Hz(60Hz) , rated insulation voltage up to 690V, rated operating voltage up to AC 690V(DC 250V) , rated operating current 12. 5A~800A to distribute power energy, to infrequently make and break the circuit, and to infrequently start electromotor(rated operating current up to 400A) at normal conditon. It also can protect the circuit and equipment against overload, short circuit and under voltage.
These MCCB has functionof isolation.
These MCCB is in accordance with standards of IEC 60947-2, GB14048. 2, GB14048. 4
10. Miniature Circuit Breaker The products is mainly used in the circuit of AC 50 or 60Hz for the protection against overcurrent and short-circuit of wiring installation of buildings and similar applications. It is also applicable for the protection of electric equipment i elecric locomotives and ships. It also can be used as infrequent on-and-off swith isolation.