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Special materials are filled in the cavity of each piece of rolling blinds, which helps for good heat-preservation and energy-saving. As tested, rolling blinds can help to save 30% energy. It is an ideal construction material that is heat-preservation and energy-saving
Adumbral:Special design and material can effectively prevent direct and strong sunshine in and UV-radiation; perfectly solve the problem of strong sunshine in summer, suitable in various climate and weather changing, long-term protection to interior furniture etc. As tests shown, rolling blinds can block off 100% sunshine if you like, which effectively keeps the interior temperature to an agreeable degree.
Sound-insulation and noise-reducing:No noise as rolling blinds works itself. It can largely reduce and insulate the noise and sound in hustle and bustle area, airport etc. It provides a good environment for your study and living.
Secrurity:Anti-push device is fitted which promise the closed rolling blinds can not be opened from outside firmdurable, safe and anti-burglary. It is recommended by national project bureau. Every morning, just press the button, you can enjoy the first morning sunshine as you opened your eyes
Different slats are used according to the overall size of the rolling blinds, for example: SX37, SX42 and SX55 profile of panel.
Aluminum or PVC slats are available
Diff installation method, install insideoutside, or in the wall opening
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