Sell Electric Sweeper /solar sweeper

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Price: USD3100/set, FOB Shanghai.

Application: Big or small street, house yard, campus, square, especially useful to those areas where big sweepers are not available.

Adopt accumulator as power, one person can operate. It is environmental friendly.
1. Nice out-looking;
2. High efficiency. Sweep 10006000 square meters of ground per hour, equaling 810 people's work.
3. No Second time pollution. With water spray system, reduce dust during operation.
4. Low energy consumption, the expenditure per day is about 0.4-0.6 USD per day. The expenditure is about 3% of the big sweeper;
5. Easy to operate, agilities, safe. The tricycle equip with lighting lamp, horn, brake, alarm light, forward and backward switch, steering handle, ascend and descend handle, speed control.
6. Dimension: 2.7*1*1.6 meters, weight: 400kg,
7. Sweeping width: 1200mm, accumulator: 700W, power consumption: 4-5kw. H/100km
8. Maxi speed: 10km/hour
9. Working hours: 6---7 hours/per charge

we have solar type, please be free to contact.