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A. Electric fly swatter Instruction For Use (1) . Please hand hold Electric Mosquito swatter and put in two AA battery. (2) Electric fly Swatter Switch on the button, LED LAMP will be lighted. Swing and wave the Mosquito Swatter net and the insect after touching the net will be killed. (3) . The Electric bug zapper net must be cleaned with brush after using. B. Mosquito Swatter Attention For Use (1) . While the switch on don't touch the Mosquito Swatter with hand. Keep away from children and safety. (2) . Don't clean the Mosquito Swatter net with cloth or water. (3) . If the insect still alive after touching the Mosquito Swatter net, You must change the battery. C. The Mosquito Swatter power supply use 2 AA battery. Voltage 3V. Current 230MA.