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Curtis"Controller, America' AMP's connectors, Germany Kluber Channel steel, and American potentiometer.
) Max capacity: 2000KG, 2500KG
2) Lower fork height: 85MM
3) Total lifting height: 200MM
4) Forks length: 1220MM
5) Forks width: 550MM/685MM
6) Truck width: 800MM
7) Truck length: 2280/1920MM
8) Slope angle load/unload: 5/10
9) Min rovolving radium: 1750mm
10) Lifting motor: DC24V/2KW, DC24V/2. 2KW
11) Driving motor: DC24V/0. 9KW, DC24V/1. 2KW
12) Battery: DC12V/210Ah
13) Battery continous working time: 8 hpurs
14) Self weight: 580/600KG