Sell Electric skateboard G-board

Electric skateboard G-board
1. New style board that everybody can enjoy easily with their own style.
The board has a +style structure that enables everybody. From children to senior citizen. To board easily and safety. Also you can develop your own way to board according to how you are skilled. Children can use the board as a sled.

2. It helps you to lose wight.
It will be a cool and heathy outdoor exercise as G-Board goes forward when it's waved. You can have a both fun and hearthy through the G-Board.

3. Innovation board that you can go up and down a hill on the board.
The board has a scientic + structure that you can go up a hill without stamping your feet. Also you will be safe when you go down a hill since the board has a brake.

4. You can enjoy the G-Board with sitting and lying poses.
You can enjoy the board not only when you are standing but also when you are sitting and lying with a various poses.

5. Don't want to have a common thing? Wheels can be detached from the board.
For mania, the two wheels can be detached so that you can enjoy a board with various advanced skills.

Product Specification
1. Product Size: W: 790mm, D: 450m, H: 130mm, weight: 4.7kg
2. Items: G-Board, Manual