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This product is advantaged anti-riot apparatus in the field of public security, material be round GFRP thickness 6mm, with durable & comfortable adjusting handle band. Beside the protection function, specially it can release the pulse high pressure as its attack function.

Figure size : Diametre #500mm, thickness : 6mm Protection function : This prodcuct is light but hard, be effective to against the attack by stick, stone, knife, etc Attack function : Release the pulse high pressure, and the Metal hook on the face of shield, can capture the rioter. Electric instruction

Power Voltage : DC6V (5GNY0.6Ah, a couple of size AA Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery.
Current : = < 1.5A during operation,
Output Voltage : =>80KV
Output capacity : 0.8-IJ/S

Charger: the lower battery power will decrease the attack effect then, put the plug into the electrical outlet under the Civil power 220V, the indicator lamp would be light, continue 14~16 hours, then the shield could be worked again.

Shield : Put your arm into the adjusting band, catch the handle, switch the power on-off to  ON , press the attack switch which on the handle, then the shield would release the pulse high pressure to attack the rioter, meanwhile, the Metal hook could be used to capture the rioter.
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