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Powder Metallurgy has already won more and more recognition in manufacturing method of contact material and became a main method for making Power Contact such as AgW\CuW\AgWC\AgWCW\AgNi\AgNiC\AgC etc.

Their characters as follows:
(1) The component and quality of contact production made by Powder Metallurgy are more easy to control comparing with other manufacturing method, because it can ensure uniformity of contact function. It is beneficial for ameliorating metallographic organization and improving function of contact materials by using advanced methods: Chymic cladding, chemical sedimentation, pulverization, mechanization alloy.
(2) Adopting the manufacturing methods of sinter and extrusion, their consistency can achieve 99.9%. Meanwhile, the second structure in silver base becomes fibre shape whose direction is vertical to the surface of Electrical Contacts, all these improve highly physical mechanism, arc corrosion resistance and low and stable resistance of the materials.
(3) AgW, CuW, AgWC contacts choose different powder materials with adding inside Ni, Co mineral and by using pre-sinter and active sinter technology then improve their consistency and ameliorate electrical function of contact materials.

Their applications as follows:
(1) AgW series: All kinds of omnipotence breakers, plastic breakers, heavy charge AC/DC contactor\other switches.
(2) CuW series: Widely used in high voltage breaker.
(3) AgWC\AgWCC series: Mainly used in high electricity charge switchgear such as breaker, creepage switch. Generally they are used with AgNi, AgWC together.
(4) AgNi series: Widely used in DC/AC relay, designation switch, contactor, light switch, thermal controller, timer of washer etc.
(5) AgNiC series: Widely used in omnipotence breakers such as DW45 intelligence coupling with AgW.
(6) AgC series: Mainly used in protective switch such as miniature breaker, creepage protective switch or motor protective switch with coupling contact in AgW.
(7) Silver oxidized metal series: Mainly used in middle and large capacity relay, contactor, middle and small capacity low voltage breaker, DC/AC switch, drive protective switch, creepage protective switch etc.

The manufacturing and test equipments for powder contact include hi-speed mix powder machine, hi-energy mill machine, vacuum dryness machine, multi-auto-stamping machine, continuous sinter furnace, omnipotent hydraulic pressure, drawing machine, cutting sheet machine, dividing sheet machine, decarbonization furnace, precision plane grind machine. We can develop and manufacture them according to customers' specific requirement and output can surpass 60 ton annually.
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