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We have got KEMA certification for DDS28 10(80) A meter and HLD01 20(100) A, DD58 , DT58 5(10) A, DT58 20(100) A and DT58 10(60) A meter. The technologies and innovative solutions offered by Holley Group help us effectively compete within global market and enable us succeed in international tenders. We have established prosperous relations with customers from southeast Asia, Middle East, South Europe, Africa and South America. We would be willing to explore possibilities of joint participation in international tenders with regard to our kWh meters.
1. Single Phase mechanical Electricity Meter-HLD03(DD58) HLD03(DD58) single-phase mechanical electricity meter is applied for single-phase AC active energy measurement with two ways of connections, including Direct and Current Transformer. The HLD03(DD58) meter, awarded the KEMA certificate, has 8 times maximum overloading capacity in accordance with IEC60521 and BS5685 with reliable performance.
Reference voltage(V) : 120, 127, 220, 230, 240
Reference frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Power loss in Voltage coil: 0.9 W / 4VA
Power loss in Current coil: 0.4VA
Starting current: <0.5% Ib
Product standard: relevant IEC, BS, DIN standard
2. Single-phase Electronic Meter(LD68) Key Specifications/Special Features
Connection: directly connected or CT/PT connected
Standard reference voltage: 220V
Optional reference voltage: 110/12/220/230/240V
Reference frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Starting current: 0.4% Ib
Current power loss: < 0.3VA
Voltage power loss: < 0.7W; < 6.0VA
Weight: 0.6kg
Accuracy: class 1
Product standard: Relevant IEC standard
3. Three-phase Electromechanical Meter (DT58) DT58 Three-phase Electromechanical Meter
Key Specifications/Special Features
Current rating (Ib/Imax. ) : 1.5/ 6, or 3/6, 5/20, 10/40, 10/60,15/60, 15/100, 20/80, 20/120,30/100A, 30/120A
Meter Constant: 600 or 450, 200, 100, 60, 50, 30 r/k Wh
Connection:Direct or CT/PT connected
Rated voltage (Un) : 3 x 57.7/100, 3 x 120/208, 3 x 220/380, 3 x 230/400V, 3 x 240/415V
Rated frequency (fn) : 50 or 60Hz
Accuracy: class 2
Starting current: 0.5% Ib
Power loss of voltage coil at 50Hz, Un: 1W/4.8VA
Power loss of current coil at 50Hz, Ib: 0.3VA
Disc weight: 48g
Total weight: 3.5kg (app. )
Product standard: relevant IEC, BS, DIN standard
4. Three Phase Electronic Meter (DTS541) Key specifications/Special Features
Connection:direct or CT/PT
Standard reference voltage(V) : 120/208,220/380,230/400,240/450
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Starting current: 0.4%Ib
Power loss in voltage loop: <1.0W, <6.0VA
Power loss in current loop: < 0.3VA
Accuracy: class 1
Standard: Relevant IEC standard
5. Single Phase Watt-Hour Meter HLD01(DD862) single phase mechanical electricity meter is applied for AC single phase active energy measurement with two ways of connections, including Direct and Current Transformer. The HLD01(DD862) meter, awarded the KEMA certificate, has 5 times maximum overloading capacity in accordance with IEC521 and BS5685 with reliable performance.
Accuracy: Class 2.0
Reference Voltage(Un) : 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V
Current: 1.5(6) A 2.5(10) A 3(12) A 5(20) A 10(40) A 15(60) 20(80) A
10(50) A 20(100) A
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Overload: 400%
Power loss in Voltage coil at 50Hz, Un: 1.0 W/5 VA
Power loss in Current coil at 50Hz, Ib: 0.3 VA
Total Weight: 1.5Kg-1.6Kg
6. Electronic Single Phase Prepayment Meter DDSY283 electronic single phase prepayment meter uses SMT technology and advanced IC card technology. It has the features of high precision, high stabilization, high security, high performance reliability and easy to operation. The meter complies with IEC61036 standard
7. HLD06 Single-Phase Socket Type Meter The HLD06 single-phase meter is a socket type meter designed to meet the latest ANSI C 12. 1 and ANSI C 12. 10 standards. The meter measures active energy in single-phase two wire or three wire alternating current power grids. Connection is FM 1S and FM 2S. It is a reliable long service life meter. The average service life (MTTF) is 30 years and the maximum current is 200A. Both cyclometer-type and pointer registers are available. In addition, it can be equipped with an AMR module.
Meter type: HLD06
Applicable standards: ANSI C12. 1 and ANSI C12. 10
Class: 10 20 100 200
Test current Ib A: 2. 5 2. 5 15 30
Meter constant r/kWh: 1400 1200 360 90
Average service life (MTTF) : 30 years
Capacity %Ib: 667
Heat capacity: Ib/Imax
Short time over current: 7000A short circuit 0. 1s
Reference voltage Un V: 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V, 277V, and 480V
Reference frequency fn Hz: 60
Non-running with no-load: 0. 9-1. 1Un
Starting current: 1%Ib
Rated load speed at Ib: 11 r/min
Power losses in voltage circuit at 60Hz Un: <0. 9W/5VA
Power losses in current circuit at Ib: <0. 5VA
A. C. Voltage test at 60Hz, 1min: 2. 5kV
Impulse voltage test 1. 2/50ms: >6. 5kV
Rated load torque at unity PF, Ib: 400uN. M
Weight of rotor: 26 g
Weight of meter Approximately: 1. 7Kg
Main case Bakelite base/Glass cover
Register Pointer or cyclometer type
Option Reverse running stopper, pulse sampling device
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