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Pest repellent

0.3W(Max. )

Pest repelling is the newest high-tech product. Adopting synthetic and modern technology, this intelligent device can simultaneously give out superflow frequency electromagnetic wave and infrared ray, which can make the pests unpleasant and drive them away.
Production Features
1. Effective Repel the cockroach, ant, flea, mice etc. Adopted the latest technology, in general, it can drive off all the pest six or eight days later.
2. Secure This product contains no dangerous or chemical component, it is safety and trustiness. There has no negative influence to human body and pet.
3 Convenience Simple in use, put the plug into the socket, the product works only if the indicator stays on.
Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage:90-250V
Rated Frequency:50-60Hz
Power comsumption:0.3W(Max. )
Useful Area:2500 SQ. FT Suitable for Use JUNWEI pest repelling is highly recommended for the following aspects: Hotel, Household, Office Building, Hospital, Superstore, Warehouse etc. The useful area is 2500 SQ. FT.