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A Application place
1. It applies to the places which could not use poison bait and pesticide, e. g. : flour processing factory, food processing factory, rice factory, pharmaceutical factory, animal feed factory, granary, etc. .
2. It applies to the places which are harassed by mouse and pests, e. g. : theater, restaurant, supper market, department store, hotel, hospital, etc. .
3. It applies to the places which are always bitten by mouse and pests, e. g. : drug-store, haberdashery, food shop, furniture store, etc. .
4. It can avoid the accident of broken wire that caused by mouse, therefore, it could apply to transformer house, telecom equipment room, computer room, place of public entertainment, etc. .
5. It applies to villa, house, room used air condition, dining-room, storeroom, etc. .

B. Main Technic Parameter
1. Product Model: KD-28A
2. Service Voltage: AC 180V-250V/ 50HZ, AC 90-110V/60HZ;
3. Power: 8W
4. Output Frequency: 20kHz - 55kHz
5. Effective cover range: more than 150 squaremeter (open field)
6. Weight: 128g
7. Product outside dimension: 100mm x 86mm x 38mm (length x width x height)
8. Outside Package: Color KA packing
9. Package: 36pcs/carton
10. Gross Wight: 5.5 kg
11. Package outside dimension: 145mm x 200mm x 70mm
12. Carton dimension: 350mm x 430mm x 310mm
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