Sell Electrical Submersible Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP, oilfield)

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ESPCP is a new kind of new rodless pump which eliminates basically sucker rod broke during production and limits to use in deep and deviated wells for rod screw pump. Meanwhile, it also overcome the problem that the pump efficiency is low when the pump transports viscosity crude. For ESPCP has little motion parts, no valve body and complex runner, little hydraulic loss, sucks and exhausts medium continually, uneasy to be blocked by sand and gas lock, so the fluid transported by pump has wide range which includes high viscosity, high wax content oil, sand or gas content oil. ESPCP is a potential production equipment when producing viscosity crude.

PCP's technical index is following:
Capacity: 10 - 150 m3/d
Head: 900 - 2200m