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AF series mini PLC (intelligent controller) is a new type of programmable controller. As it is programmed by the means of FBD (Function Block Diagram) , it is more simple and easier to learn the programming of AF than the conventional PLC programming (ladder diagram and instruction) . In the design concept of the products of AF series, the machine in the conventional separating PLC is combined with writer, and the program can be written directly on LCD front panel. As a result, the cost of the users can be reduced greatly, and moreover the great convenience can be provided to operators. Products of AF series have a compact structure with a small size and a light weight, and they are especially suitable to be used incorporated. Besides, AF series can be used in implementing the close and remote communication networking and monitoring so as to allow such small sized device to have strong function. And AF series can realize telephone-control, voice prompting and dialling automatically functions, via jointly using with AF-MUL Voice Block . At present, AF is widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, home automation, etc. , and it really can be applied everywhere.
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