Sell Electro Luminescent (Thin Type EL Lamp)

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We could according to customr's size and color to produce.
Thinner thickness El Lamp is much suitable to use on cell phone and key pad. Thickness is only 0.10~0.12mm that makes product more thinner and good touch.
Driving voltage AC. (50~200V / 50~3000Hz)
Emissive color: white, Blue-green, Blue, Indigo blue, Yellow-green, Amber
Low power consumption, current density 0.1~0.2mA/cm2
Lightly weight, extreme thin thickness 0.11~0.80mm
Operating temperature:-35~+850C
Cool Lighting, heating free
Enduring vibration and impact
Uniform emission
Easy to fabricate
Well waterproof
Long lifetime
Driving circuit: Inverter (Ac/Ac or Dc/Ac or EL IC Driver) depend on the EL size