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[Product Name] Ectro-etching Machine
[Product Type] KDG-5070
[Parameters] Trough of stacking gold: 750W320W550mm (lengthWwidthWheight) two
Painting trough: 400W130W320mm (lengthWwidthWheight) one
Gallery: Shading on sign board, drypoint, CD of design, hollowing, print and goldleaf picture.


1. This type professionally use in advertising industry, integrative design can work on all kinds copper plate, stainless steel plate, titanic plate and etc.
2. This machine have big power pulsant and large area brushing plate, to improve the etching efficiency and precision diploid, e. g. to etch 5 X 7 brand 70 pieces just need 1 minute (not including preparative time) .
3. The machine adopt swing bath to electroplate and lacquering, can ensure electroplate and lacquering quality.
4. The machine also have manual brushing head, can process all kinds large brands.
5. It can etch picture and word on all kinds metal surface, environmental etching way, non-touching, doesnt need any cutter, the etching area havent limited, electro-lacquering time are 1-2 minutes, can suit for different need.