Sell Electrocast Brick

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Our main products include oxidation method produced 33#, 36# and 41# electro-fused zirconia corundum, fused (Alpha) - (Beta) alumina refractory products and (Beta) alumina refractory products.
The AZSs cast methods are Regular Cast, Tilt Cast, Void Free Cast and End Cast. Varied cast method of AZS products are chosen to meet the different requirements for glass kiln parts.
a-b corundum goods is formed when a-alumina and b-alumina inter-combine during their crystallization stage. A very compact structure is then formed; it has excellent endurance to strong alkali. Under 13500C, the corrosion resistance to glass melt is the same as AZS products. Because it does not contain impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2, when comes into contact with liquefied glass, air bubbles are rarely found. Therefore, this product has the special characteristic of minimizing contamination to glass liquor. So it is very suitable for sidewalls, pond bottoms, fore-hearth feeders of slap-up glass kiln.