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*The instrument automatically performs two-point calibration and measurement. Teh results are directly displayed on the LCD, and printed out by the built-in printer.
*The instrument applies ISE, which gives the istrument the advantages of minimum maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly, as well as stable and reliable measurements.
*The intrument applies separate gas/liquid back-flushing technique, resulting in more thorough and clean washing.
*Automatic troubleshooting:The instrument automatically performs solutino checking after it is switched on, and diagnoses any troubles during the two-point calibratin process. The instrument is also equipped with service sequences to examine the operating status of the instument one by one, and show the conditions of the electrodes.
*Automatic storage of measurement results:The instrument can automatically save up to 400 measurement results, and print out the results according to the patient identification number.
*The instrument is equipped with a RS232 serial port, via which the instrument transfers its stored data to the connected computer system.
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