Sell Electrolyte analyzer

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Advanced Technology, steady performance
Composite electrodes technologies, Steady and reliable performance, Low waste, Long life, High efficiency,
Easy operation, simple maintainance
Atuo self-test, LCD Screen
Economic and high speed test
Incorporate Reagent Packs, Micro-specimen, 80 tests/ hour
Quality Guarantee, Perfect Services

Test Technologies Composite Electrodes Technologies
Sample Quantity 805l
Speed 80 tests/hour
Measure scope & Precision K+ 1.0-10.0 mmol/L <1.0(cv%)
Na+ 50-200 mmol/L <1.5(cv%)
Clˉ 50-150 mmol/L <1.0(cv%)
Distinguish Rate K+ 0.01mmol/L
Na+ 0.1mmol/L
Clˉ 0.1mmol/L
Expand Function Standard RS232 Connector, could connect with center computer
Environment Temperature 15-300, Relative humidity <85%
Power AC 110V/220V (+10%, -15%) , 50/60Hz