Sell Electrolytic Deflasher PED-2020

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1. DESCRIPTION PED-2020 is designed to loosen flash or resin bleed commonly encountered on plastic package of semiconductor electrolytically, rendering it for ease of removal subsequently by blasting methods with air or water jets. PED-2020 can also be used as a degreaser in the removal of oil, wax finger print marks or dirt. The solution will not attack the base metal of the lead frame namely, Iron, Nickel, Copper and its alloy. It will remove only its oxide during the process of epoxy film removal. 2. FEATURES  Economical, stable and easy to use single product.  Excellent deflash effect and degreaser.  Prevent redeposition of metallic contamination, rendering it possible to process copper and alloy 42 simultaneously.  Silicate free, thus improving solderability.  Low foaming allows gas emission to escape freely. 3. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Appearance : Colourless liquid Specific Gravity (at 20:C) : 1.395 1 0.010 pH : > 14 Alkalinity : 11 (1 1.5) Solubility in water : Complete 4. SOLUTION MAKE-UP Dilute 1 part of PED-2020 with 3 parts of DI water. PED-2020 Page 1 of 3