Sell Electromagnetic Whiteboard

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Features of ReturnStar Electromagnetic whiteboard:

1. Core Technology:

Hardware: Electromagnetic technology
Software: EWBCtrl technology, EWBTOOL technology, EWBBook technology, Handwriting recognition technology

2. Product capability:

Hardware platform: laptop, PC
Language supported: multi-national language
Operating system: Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Standard Configuration: a whiteboard, two electronic pen, a suit of hanging holder, a USB cable, a driver software disk.
Handwriting recognition: Chinese, English
Board Design: Matt, high intensity, low reflection composite materials, high anti- abrasion, anti-chemical erosion, support writing with common fountain pen, clean using standard cleanser or wet tissue, focus exactly, suit for high brightness projector, fantastic projection effect, the some watching effect in different position, indefatigability for long time watch.
Work Mode: Interactive Mode/Writing Mode/Manage Mode
Driver and software: EWBTOOL. exe; EWBBook. exe; EWBCtrl. exe
Resolution: 4096x4096
Induction Height: 1.5cm
Processing rate: 240 dot/s; high response rate, sensitive operation
Computer Slot: adopt USB slot, Plus&Play, External electronic source needn't
Connection length: 10M ( add 20M extended cable is possible)
Electronic source and power: computer bus supply power<1.5w
Installation Method: Hanging Mode (Standard Config) /Movable Stand (Selected Config) . Descending and ascending height from 1.85M to 2.2M
Quality warranty: FCC/CE, ISO9001
Provide Customized: ODM/OEM/ language revision
Provide upgrade: upgrade software free
Annual turnout: 1million PSC per year
Delivery Date: 500PCS/Month
Minimum Order: 20PCS