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In principle, Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS) can be regarded as a rotary motor stator and liquid steel as rotator. EMS is placed lower in the mould to make the liquid metal rotate in the mold. The magnetic field penetrates the copper mould tube, stainless steel baffle tube, and any solidified shell and gives rise to induced currents in the melt. These interact with the traveling magnetic field and create a torque on and by that a movement of the molten steel. General speaking, EMS can be usually placed in one of three locations.
About Inquiry
To help you get the best EMS for your application, we should have the following information:
1. About Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) : Model, radius, number of stands, distance between strands and casting velocity;
2. About steel: kinds and section;
3. About copper tube: length and thickness of wall.