Sell Electromagnetic wave Heater

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Front the electromagnetic wave heater widely applies after the ships, the pressure vessel, the roller repair and so on the steel structure metal welds preheating, welds keeps warm, disappears the hydrogen and the heat treatment; Metal mold preheating heat preservation; The machine parts hot attire heats up; The oil pot, the water tank heat up the heat preservation; The plastic spurts heating up which spreads; The electric appliance, the fitting rock drill welds; The labor, civil warms up the magnetism hot induction furnace. This equipment has the greatly strengthened load compatibility, and may realize under the power factor, the high temperature permanent power output. Heats up the sensation to be possible heats up zero according to the user () the specification, the shape different to be possible differently to manufacture the shape to heat up the sensation, simultaneously forms a complete set the control power source, the product technology maturely, has the energy conservation, the security, is high speed, reduces the labor intensity, the effect steadily grades the merit. At present, this product has applied to the domestic many large-scale boilers enterprise, the ships enterprise, the bridge enterprise, the mine metallurgical equipment manufacture, the repair enterprise, receives the user the good praise.
Product characteristics:
1. Patent product, advanced technology, reasonable structure , widely applying
2. heating rapidly, even temperature, time-saving and labor-saving greatly save labor intensity
3. high thermal efficiency, energy-saving & environment-protecting, safety, flame, no pollution
4. intelligent controller, high temperature alarming, accurate record, small inertia, precise temperature controlling
5. induction block is nimble & durable, strong applying, simple &convenient operation