Sell Electron Tensile testing machine

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It is suitable for performing tensile, compression, bend, shear peel and tear tests of plastic, rubber, cable, food wrapping and textile fibre. The product accords with the standard GB/T16825, GBT1040,1041,8804,9341,9647,17200, ISO7500-1, ASTM D638,695,790
Type TLD-1, TLD-2, TLD-5
Max load 1KN,2KN,5KN
Accuracy Grade Grade 1
Valid measuring range of load 1%~100% or 0.4%~100%
Measuring accutacy of load R. O. 11.0% or R. O. 10.5%
Testing force resolution 0.1N or 0.01N
Range of testing speed 1~500mm/min or 0.1~500mm/min
Speed accuracy R. O. 11.0%
Measuring accuracy of displacement R. O. 10.5%
Measuring system of deformation Scale distance 10mm, Deformation 999mm, Resolution 0.1mm
Measuring accuracy of deformation R. O. 10.5%+0.1mm
Mechanical structure Gate modle
Gripper Standard deploy:tensile gripper
Tensile space 700mm
Testing width 300mm
Position limit protection Electronic position limit protection
Over current protection Exceed 20% Voltage, machine will stop automatically
Loadover protection Exceed 10% Max load, machine will stop automatically
Power supply Single p. h.220V110%
Heat power 0.2kw
computer Brand computer
Weight 70kg