Sell Electronic Earmuffs (Electronic Hearing Protector)

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Electronic Earmuffs EF300
Electronic Earmuffs EF302
Electronic Hearing Protector
Electronic Hearing Protector with radio
When worn properly and given adequate care, this sound muffler provides excellent protection by filtering out high frequency noise caused by machinery, motors, saws, and gunfire.
1. It can be connected to exterior sound sources such as CD player, Radio frequency scanner.
2. Lines of connection and the stereo jack of 3.5 mm in width. (applied to most CD player, MP3 player and etc. )
3. When you do not need it, it is easy to remove the lines. Various kinds of leads and accessories are provided for choices.
Electronic Ear Muffs
Detailed specification:
*Electronic ear defenders protect the ears against noise levels higher than 85 DB.
*Solid state circuitry allows normal speech and sounds to be heard but automatically deadens any noise above 85 DB.
*On/Off switch with adjustable volume control.
*Auto-adjust head band.
*Uses 2X AAA batteries (not include) .
*Providing approx. 200 hours of use.

Electronic Ear Muffs with radio
*Electronic ear defenders protect, a high-powered and highly reliably headphone, is a kind of an electronic protect which features the built-in integrated circuits and FM automatic broadcasting station searching function.
*You can select the Noise-proof or the radio function by pushing function shift key.
*On/Off volume control
*LED indicator
*Radio has resume and Auto search functions. After power-off, you can still keep the selected channel unchanged.
*Multipurpose: reduced noise level, protecting hearing sense. Amplifying tone and keeping off external loud noise serving as a standard ear muff when not activated to reduce noise level.
*Receiving voice at frequency: 400 to 4,00 Hz making voice clearer all voices interrupted.
*When exceeding 82 DB to ensure use-safety in noisy environment for long hours.
*Ideal in shooting, hunting, industrial training and many other applications.
*Easy cell replacement (2X AAA) simply by opening up the cell cabinet
Available color: yellow, red.