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P-2 Multi-Function Foot Massager

Chinese ancient medicine says, feet are at the root of all health, and that the foot is almost like a second heart, pertinent to your health. At your feet, there are pressure points corresponding to each individual organ, 66 in total, counting as 1/10 of the bodys total number of pressure points. Frequent and regular massages to the feet can adjust the organs, balance yin and yang, clear the venation, increasing strength and longevity.

Product introduction

The electronic foot treatment shoe is an accessory to the home physiotherapy device, it is based on Chinese medicine and treats the foot in three applications.
The first is through electronic massage. The sole of the shoe is made of electricity conductible rubber and its surface is a perfect match to the shape of your foot.
After connecting to the electronic physiotherapy device, it can stimulate the corresponding reflection zones at the bottom of the feet, inducing direct effects in the organs, tissues and other areas. It adjusts endocrine system, improves the production and release of certain hormones, allowing diseased cells, tissues and organs to heal. This massage also has one more application: put on the shoes and insert each foot into a separate container of hot water and instantly create the most effective footbath.
Second, protruding tip massage. The shoe is designed with certain protruding parts according to the distribution of pressure points at the bottom of the foot. Through walking, the shoe continuously massages the feet, eliminating the waste of time, resources and money of manual ordinary foot massages.
The third treatment is magnetic. There are four magnets installed at four vital pressure points of the foot. Through magnetic forces, it corrects the biological magnetic field, accomplishing magnetic health.