Sell Electronic Safe

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Electronic cipher safe for hotel:

1. Combined guest cipher, administrator cipher and super administrator cipher, the safe can be look after by 3 levels
2. With the functions of wrong cipher managing and keyboard auto-locking for cipher testing, it can effectively prevent unauthorized open.
3. Driven by motor, it is convenient and reliable with door-opening device.
4. With electronic and mechanical keys, it can be opened by the keys at a state of emergency.
5. Used widely for hotels and entertainment sites.

Lzb-t series steel table safe:
1. Made of high quality steel, pressed into the shape by one shot forming
2. Equipped with special prying-proof, drilling-proof and high precision cipher lock
3. Fixed on the wall
4. Colorful surface spray technique, luxurious and beautiful appearance
5. Mechanical cipher type (lzb-t) and electronic cipher type (lzb-td) are available
6. Micro-computer chip technology used in lzb-td type with reliable performance
7. Double protection and double security on main structure
8. Hidden hinges and thick door panel embedded in doorframe.