Sell Electronic Siren Series (CJB-100)

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1. It conform to national standrad GB8108-1999.
2. Tone charactor: Aux, yelp, hi-lo, wail-1, wail-2, wail-3. Siren, horn and so on.
3. Handhold mike. With controller.
4. Monolithic integrated circuit in steadier performance.
5. TECHINICAL DATA: Voltage: 12V/24V
Power: 100w, 150w, 200w
Impedance: 8(Ohms)/6(Ohms)
Sound compression level: 120-130dB

series of lightbar, Led light, caution light, electronic siren for vehicles, luxury long-row light series, short-row combination light series, means of transportation and individual safeguard etc
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