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This kind of electronic universal testing machine is suitable to test main features such as tension, compression, bend of metal, non-metal and compound materials. Other features such as torsion, shear, peel, tear is also available if special accessories is supplied.
This machine has three kinds of control modes: load, deformation and displacement. With its effective protection function, the machine can stop automatically if the load exceeding 10% of the max load, or if an over-current in speed driving system.
This machine is conformity with the following materials testing method standards: GB(Chinas national standard) , ASTM, DIN.
Combined with PC and some relevant software, this machine has data processing functions of data acquisition, curve plotting, partial amplification and reduction of curves, single-curve display or superposition and comparison of multi-curve, print preview, revising artificially etc.

Load capacity 10 kN
Load measurement accuracy 10.5% (In the range of 0.4%~100% of capacity of load)
Deformation Measurement accuracy 10.5% (in the range of 2%~100% of extensometer)
Crosshead displacement measurement The resolution is higher than 0.001mm
Crosshead speed range 0.01~1000mm/min step-less
Displacement measurement accuracy 10.5%(from 20mm)
Width of test space 445mm
Travel of mobile crosshead 1200mm
Overall dimensions of frame (mm) H. W. D 2220W820W570
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