Sell Electronic Voucher Distribution 12E (EVD)

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VISIONTEK Electronic Voucher Distribution 12E (EVD) is application software for administering the online process of credit top-up of airtime. No more hassles of logistics like printing, dispatching, stocking, availability and tracking of the recharge cards. Simply Install the VISIONTEK EVD software at the server and VISIONTEK handheld POS terminals at different retailer locations and handle the process of airtime credit top-up smoothly and smartly.

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is an online solution with a multitude of options simplifying the process of Prepaid Recharge. It improves Operator efficiency and revenues while providing clearly better services for the subscriber.


Increased availability and convenience of airtime top-up options.
Reduced logistics
No 'Out of Stock' problems
Availability in all denominations RCVs/ Top-ups
Increased cash flows for telcos and airtime resellers
Minimize fraud and theft
Provides competitive advantage


Terminal & Server Categories  Prepaid cards, Flexi charge* etc. ,
Database classified into Operators, Retailers, Products, Denominations
Classification of denominations in Products and Sub-categories*
Retailers information with credit limit, commission and privileges.
Types of operations: Offline, Online, Bulk pin purchase, Buy pin with code, Print last sale, Print statement, Settlement
Pin download in offline transaction
Advertisement Message
Reports: Retailer Balance details, Pin Details, Daily Sales, Retailer Sales, Stock and Log Report
Instructive Help Index for the user