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1. Auto flush: Auto flush after you leave , more healthy and convenient.
2. Anti dirty: After you sit on the seat, the wetting systerm starts to work automaticlly, water will spray out to wet the inside of the toilet in 3sec. , avoid the unclean and uncomfortable feeling.
3. Water heating : Water temperature can be adjusted as you like.
4. Rear cleanse : Clean the rear automatically after relieving yourself with Warm water , without any toilet papers ( with adjusting water temperature and pressure, remitting or eliminating constipation or hemorrhoids ) .
5. Women's cleanse: Except the general cleaning, another nozzle is added for women's special cleaning (especially in women's menses or pregnancy can reduce the possibility to cause any gynaecopathia disease) .
6. Massage cleanse: Alternating strong /weak water pressure sprays enable massaging effect.
7. Washing position adjustment : cleaning nozzle for rear/women position can be adjusted to desired location of respective users.
8. Self-cleaning Nozzles : Retracted nozzle sprays water on itself automaticlly following complete usage for a self cleaning effect, helps maintain clean state of the product.
9. Warm drying: Blows warm air toward rear for heightened satisfaction after washing. Air temperature can be also adjusted as you like.
10. Heated seat: Seat temperature can be preset and can also be adjusted as you like.
11. Damping device of cover and seat: Hydraulic damper control is designed to prevent excessive impact on toilet seat when closing seat cover.
12. Seat sensor: All the functions will not work only when you sit on the seat.
13. Power saving: Under "power saving" state, the water/seat temperature is low, when use it , the water/seat temperature is recovered the preset temperature.
14. Deodorization: Clear possible fungusor germs occurring form humidity in the product.
15. Soft lighting in the night:the light in the toilet bowl can make you convenient in the night, reduce the trouble to find the light switch.
16. Quick and easy installation
17. MP3 music, auto sensor and lift/ close the seat and cover
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