Sell Electronic bidet

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Intelligent remote
Bidet(feminine wash)
Noise less&prevent bump
Warm water spray
Warm seat
Water-saving double buttons
Warm Air Dryer
Color LED display
Automatic flush
Increase water pressure automatically
Spraying nozzle moves forward and backward
Soft night light
Disassemble the device and the ceramic with ease

Technological Specification
Power Supply--------220V, 50Hz
Max. Power Consumption-------680W
Length of Power cord----------1.3m
Water Spraying Device Tank volume---------2L
Spraying water amount--------- About 0.65-1.8L
Temp. Adjustment at four levels---------Normal Temp. , 40˚ C
Water heater power----------600W
Safety Device-----------Water level monitoring sensor, water temperature sensor, temperature control switch, temperature fuse.
Warm Seat Temp. Adjustment at four levels----------Normal Temp. , 40˚ C
Heater Capacity----------50W
Safety Device----------Temperature sensor, temperature fuse
Warm Air Dryer
Temp. Adjustment---------Three levers between 32˚ C~62˚ C
Heater Capacity------------330W
Safety Device-------- Temperature control device, temperature fuse
Deodorization--------Applied -