Sell Electronic compass(LP3300)

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The build-in 3-axis magnetic sensor and 2-axis tilt sensor. The outputdirection is the projective angle to both compass(to the north) on level andmagnetism(to the north) on the earth. Because of the compensation to bothpitch and roll, with these two conditions, the influence by pith and roll is small.

The compass mainly focuses on the design to satellite antenna positioning, it has the features of very low temperature lose, good repeat-use capacity, veryless influence and so on. In practical use, the accuracy of inclinometer canmeets the demand of C wave or KU wave which both are the satellite antennapositioning accuracy(within 2 d-meter) .

Compass is the sensor for measuring magnetic field, but to the interferenceof both outside magnetic field and the Earth magnetic field, the compass cannot perfectly distinguish those two magnetic fields. The key to guaranteeaccuracy of using compass is to provide it with less interference environment, meanwhile, letting up the lining and turning acceleration of the compass isanother key to guarantee the accuracy.