Sell Electroplated Diamond Sharpener / Diamond Whetstone

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Our main products:
1. Diamond segment (For circular saw blades, gang saw blades, multi-saw blades and core bits)
2. Sintered saw blade (Segment type, Continuous rim type, Turbo type, concave type saw blades)
3. Diamond Tuck point blade (Normal type, crack chasing type, two or three layers tucks)
4. Diamond Cup wheel (Single row, Double row, Turbo type)
5. Electroplated diamond product
6. Diamond polishing tool, burr, file, sharpeners
7. Diamond core bit
8. Diamond hand tools.
Product Description
1) Indispensable mechanic tool set allows the file to be used effectively against extremely hard materials.

2) Set of 10 pieces diamond files includes large and small round needle, square and triangular needle, large and small flat-convex, flat angled, flat paddle, flat spatula.

3) Steel files coated with industrial diamonds--hardest material available.

4)3mmx140mm, 4mmx160mm, 5mmx180mmlength in most commonly-used styles.

5) Soft PVC-dipped handles have excellent grip even when exposed to moisture and fluids.